As you can see I am a big Pearl Drums and Paiste Cymbals fan. I bought my first pro level kit in 1984, a Pearl MX Maple kit  which I still own and record regularly today.  I also bought Paiste 2002 cymbals with that drum set. Some of my favorite drummers growing up played Pearl and Paiste and that was good enough for me. I have been around the block with different drum and cymbal brands but ultimately came back to what I love. To me they both record the best and sound great live. 


Drum Kits
Pearl Music City Custom Maple  Reserve 22, 10, 12, 14, 16
Pearl President Deluxe Mahogany 22, 13, 14, 16
Pearl 1984  MX Maple 22 , 6,8,10, 12, 14, 16 

Dallas Drum  6x14 Maple 
Dallas Drum Beaded  Aluminum 6.5x14
Pearl 84’ MLX Maple 8x14 
Pearl 70's COB  5x14 
Pearl Solid Shell Cherry 6.5×14
Pearl Sensitone Polished Brass 5x14
Pearl Sensitone Maple 5x14
Pearl Sensitone Steel 5x14
Pearl Masters  Maple/Gum  6.5x14
Pearl Masters Maple 6.5x14
Pearl Duolux COB 6.5x14

Paiste 602 Classic 20" Thin Crash
Paiste Masters 20" Medium Ride
Paiste Dark Energy Mark 1  18" Crash
Paiste 602 Classic 15" Medium  Hi-Hats
Paiste 900 16" Crash over Heavy Crash Hi-Hats
Paiste Masters Dark Crash 16" and 20"
Paiste Signarture Traditionals 22" Medium Light Ride
Paiste Signature Traditionals 18" Thin Crash
Paiste PST X 18"  Swiss Thin Crash and  10" Swiss Splash Stack
Paiste Masters 22" Swish

Focusrite Scarlett Interface and Octopre
Presonus Studio One DAW
Audix i5
Heil PR28 
Presonus PD-70
sE Electronics V Kick 
Sterling Audio ST170 Ribbon 
Sterling Audio ST131 Small Diaphragm
Sure SM 57
Sure Beta 52